Bolettus World Mexico

We present Bolettus World Mexico, fresh cultivated mushrooms accompanied by onion and green pepper, and seasoned with a paprika sauce. It is a healthy and delicious recipe that will make you travel to one of the most famous cultures for its gastronomy. A single dish for one or two people, low in calories and without salt. It does not contain traces of any kind or additives, so it is suitable for everyone.

Juan Llorca’s unique recipe

The prestigious chef Juan Llorca, specialist in healthy and balanced food for the whole family, has been in charge of creating this recipe. It has all the necessary nutrients to become the perfect unique dish, and you will only have to add carbohydrates or proteins to get a complete meal.

Both the mushrooms and the vegetables have been chosen to get a flavor that takes you directly to Mexico. This culture is known worldwide for using spices in most of its dishes, and this time it could not be otherwise. That’s why our salsa has a spicy touch that gets an authentic Mexican flavor.

You will only need 10 minutes to cook it, and it will be ready for you to enjoy it.

How to cook BolettusWorld Mexico

In a wok or pan, add a little oil, cook the entire contents of the tray over medium-high heat, until the vegetables begin to soften (2-3 minutes). Add the sauce and cook for about 8 more minutes over medium heat until it is cooked to your liking. Add salt to taste, serve immediately, and enjoy!

Remember to pour only half of the pack if you want it spicy, or the entire pack if you want it very spicy.

We propose you to complete this recipe with minced chicken meat (or textured soy if you prefer a vegetarian dish) and serve it in a corn tortilla, but the options are endless. Let your imagination fly and get a plate worth an A+!


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