Asparagus, endives and mushrooms salad

Prepare a rich, different and nutritious mushrooms salad in a few minutes. Enjoy new things with this salad of asparagus, endives and mushrooms.

Ingredients for the asparagus, endives and mushrooms salad:

6 wild asparagus
1 endive
1 Bolettus tray for salads and soups
Mixed leaf salad
Soy sauce
Prawn mayonnaise


1. Cut off the hard part of the asparagus, peel and steam them.

2. Scald the tray of mushrooms for salads and soups in hot water and salt.

3. Prepare a base of mixed salad with endive leaves and mushrooms.

4. Season and sprinkle a few drops of soy sauce.

5. To finish, add the asparagus, the prawn mayonnaise and the fine chopped onion.


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