Alba Niubo cooks cream of mushrooms and sweet potato with Bolettus

The culinary influencer Alba Niubo has created a delicious seasonal recipe with the Bolettus pack for soups and salads, which is already cut, clean and prepared for cooking.

Knowing Alba Niubo

Alba Niubo studied Fine Arts and did a postgraduate degree in Food Event Design, where she learned her true passion. In 2011 she went to live in Australia for a while, and there she discovered a lifestyle that she loved: the cult of the body as a way of life through sports and healthy eating.

Upon returning, a friend asked for help to open a restaurant, and at that moment she began her gastronomic adventure that has become her most important professional and personal experience. From there, she began to investigate the world of healthy, balanced and delicious meals, and that is what she wants to show on her social networks.

Her specialty is the healthy but tasty food, and it stands out for its great photographs combining the spectacular colors of the food.

Cream of mushrooms and sweet potato

The recipe Alba has made is a delicious seasonal cream, perfect for autumn. In the post of her blog you can find the recipe with all the details.


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